This is where the user will set up system credential details. These credentials will be used by the Integration pipes to access data in a system.

Click on the Credentials icon in the left navigation bar to access this page.

Test Connection

To test if the connection is established between Cloras and the target system using the given system credentials.

Reuse Token

When the test connection button is clicked, Cloras generates a token, for security reasons, which will be stored in the backend. This token can be reused till it's valid or a new token can be generated by checking and unchecking the "Reuse Token" field.

  • Reuse Token checked: Cloras will use the previously generated token while establishing a connection with the system.

  • Reuse Token unchecked: Cloras will generate a new token for testing the connection.

Add New Credential

From the Credentials page, click on Add New to create new credential details:

Enter the following fields:

Field Name



Enter a suitable name for your Credential details


Choose the target system to be accessed using these credentials


Enter your system URL in the format.


Select the target system server timezone. This will be used to fetch data based on the respective timezone.

Do not include a slash at the end while providing Hostname

Click Next and provide username/password or secure keys depending on the system chosen. Click on Submit to save the credential details.

Once added, test the connection to ensure if proper credential details are provided.

Server Health Check-up

The Server Health Check-up is used to check the status of the server (Available or Down) by pinging the server at regular intervals.

  • Checker Status: Setting this to Yes will enable the Server Health Check-up.

  • Ping Interval: The frequency of checkup's

If the server is down/not available during the ping, Cloras will notify the Project Owner and Admin via email.

Once configured, click "Next" and then "Save/Update" to enable/disable the health check-up.