Account Management

Managing user information and account settings from the drop-down menu that is accessed by clicking the User Name, located at the top right section of the page.

Account Menu

Upon clicking the grey drop-down arrow next to the username (top right section), you will see the following options:

Menu Name



Edit Profile

Make changes to your profile including:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Company

  • Website

  • Phone Number

Account Settings

Manage your account settings such as:

  1. Timezone - Schedule and manage everything in the selected timezone,

  2. Notification Sounds - Enable/Disable Notification sounds

Selecting Yes in the Override Project Timezones will display all the projects data and time in the selected timezone.

User Groups

Create and Manage User Groups that you have created. More on User Groups can be found here.

Plans and Pricing

View and manage Payment (Credit/ Debit card) details for your subscription

Generate Keys

Create and Manage tokens to provide limited access to third party systems

Change Password

Change login password


Logout from application

API Access Keys

Cloras supports dynamic calls from various systems to synchronize data on the go. Cloras also sets authentication in place to ensure security.

Users can use one of the following authentication methods while making API calls

  • Token Authentication: The dynamic token generated with an expiry time by Cloras

  • Basic Authentication: A user-name, password combination

Token Authentication

A dynamic token generated from the user account, to be shared with the other systems.

Create New Token

Provide the following information to create a new account.

Field Name


Token Name

Any name for the user to identify later


Days of Expiry. The token will be expired after specified days.


Your Account Password

Once generated, the user can copy and share the token across various systems.

Setting days to 0 (zero), will set the token expiry to unlimited.

Basic Authentication

Cloras also supports basic authentication for accessing the API. The caller has to provide the account username and password in the request header.