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Cloras Knowledge Base and Support Center
The Cloras web interface is built in such a way, that users can sign up and start using the app from the word "Go". However, should users face any issues, the Cloras Help and Support section will provide solutions as required.
The Help and Support page is a one-stop hub where users can get all their questions answered and receive technical support when required.
This page is divided into six sections for easy user navigation and to find solutions quickly.

Blogs and Articles

The Cloras community consists of a diverse group of users ranging from developers to testers and managing personnel to actual end-users. This section contains a wide array of blogs written by various members of the community. Categories of blogs include:
    Technical Blogs
    Problem - Solution based blogs
    Informative and Research-oriented blogs
    Blogs on current and latest trends
    And many more.

Video Tutorials

Cloras is a platform-agnostic integration middleware that makes data integration robust, with no compromise made on the user-friendly interface of the tool. For this purpose, several video tutorials are available in this section which consists of step-by-step instructions on how to perform actions, both simple and complex.
With straightforward instructions and accurate graphics, these video tutorials will guide users through the Cloras application and will help them perform any action.


The one-stop hub to access Cloras' Technical Documentation. From User Guides to API Documentation to Developer Documents and Tutorials, the Cloras Doc kit is your go-to solution for any underlying questions. With end-users in mind, the Cloras Documentation is crafted in such a way that, users get answers to any questions related to Cloras.
The Doc-kit is split into the following sections:
    Use Guide: A manual on how to use the various modules of Cloras
    Tutorials: Step-by-step instructions on how to perform some of the most common tasks in Cloras
    Developer Documentation: In-depth Technical Documentation to guide developers who write flows and develop APIs.
    API Documentation: A guide to develop Cloras APIs.
    Release Notes
This section navigates to the list of features and updates added to Cloras during every release. With periodic updates, our developers and the Cloras community ensure that the product is up-to-date and meets user expectations without a glitch.

Raise a Ticket

Users are now allowed to raise any concerns or provide feedback using the new Ticketing section.
New Ticket

How to raise a Ticket?

    Click on New Ticket. The New Ticket window opens.
    Choose a Category that you think the Issue best fits in
    Enter a Subject for the issue
    Enter a description that briefly explains the issue or feedback you wish to provide.
    Attachments: Include any attachments if necessary.
Note: File size should be less than 5MB and allowed formats are ( .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .csv, .xls, .xlsx )
6. Click on Submit to submit your ticket

My Tickets

This section list all the tickets raised by the user and their statuses.
Click on the ticket Subject to view more about the Ticket.
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