Get instant support by connecting with Cloras customer support, requesting for a new feature and accessing the Documentation kit.

The Cloras web interface is built in such a way that users are able to sign up and start using the app from the word "go". However, should you face any issues, we offer instant customer support. Click on the Support icon from the menu bar and click on one of the following three options:

Contact Support

The Contact Support is a simple form that will prompt the user to ask and verify questions. Users can type any issues related to the product in this form and click on Submit. The query will be answered to by the support team within a few hours.

If users prefer to email the Customer support team, they can write to

Feature Request

The Feature Request form comes in handy when users want to contribute to the Cloras community by suggesting changes, new features and product ideas. This is also a form that can be filled by the user and submitted to the Support team. Users will then be linked to the appropriate engineers for further discussions.

Cloras Docs

Clicking on the Cloras Docs link will open a new window with Cloras Technical Documentation. The Documentation includes:

  • User Guide: End to end information about how to use Cloras.

  • Tutorials: Use Cases of different real-life Integration scenarios explained with examples and procedure.

  • Developer Documentation: Documents that contain in-depth technical details about Cloras, and are especially useful for developers while creating a Flow or managing APIs.