Add New Pipe

This is where users will Add a new Pipe by selecting the system credentials and defining Mapping and Modifier functionalities.

From the Integrations page, click on the Add New button in the top left section to create a new pipe.

The following fields must be filled in order to create a new Integration Pipe:

Pipe Name

Assign a suitable name for the Integration.

Example: Customer Update, Create Order, Fetch Subscription Details

Special characters (except space) cannot be used in the Pipe name.

Pipe Type

Choose the type of Integration: Batch or Dynamic.‚Äč


Choose Credentials from the drop-down list (Credentials of the Systems that need to be integrated). The credential details have to be already configured. Learn more.


Once the credentials are selected, the Flows with API calls to the systems (Credentials) selected will be displayed in grid format on the right side. Choose a Flow from this grid.

When the Flow is selected, the Mapping nodes associated with the Flow are available to the user to configure.


Once the Flow is selected, the associated Mapping nodes are available to the user, i.e., if it has been added in the Flow. Clicking Configure on the Mapping card, opens a Mapping window where the user can map and modify data as required.

Mapping is used to steer data from source to destination systems. Here, the source and destination fields listed on either side. These fields are taken from the API Manager - Source and Response fields respectively. In addition to these fields, the user can add custom fields as needed.

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